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About Carole

Carole Hughes is a self-taught Cambridge artist who has a passion for colour and Fauve Art

“The use of colours, the bold thick strokes and the almost naïve way of putting paint on canvas is a magical blend in itself,” says Carole

Carole Hughes started painting in 1994 experimenting with oils and creating a style which would depict the elements which she had admired for so many years.

She travelled to Europe and has continued to paint large and colourful paintings from Italy, France, Serbia , Bosnia and Spain. These paintings showed that classic Fauve characteristic that “colour was how you want it to be not how it was meant to be.”

One of Carole’s paintings hangs in the halls of the Beehive and as a specialist in the Fauve Art movement she has been invited to give a presentation on Fauve artists and the influence they have had on her work.

Over the ensuing years Carole has exhibited in most of the large cities throughout New Zealand. She has been guest exhibitor at The Monterey Gallery, in Auckland, The Heritage Gallery in Cambridge, The Millwood Gallery in Wellington, plus various galleries in Nelson and Christchurch. Many of her canvases have travelled overseas and she has many followers throughout the world.

Brittany Dogs, Garden Festivals and Art Exhibitions

It is nearly at the close of July and I am in Wellington for my youngest daughters birthday. Today I have a day to myself while my family members are at work and I have as company two BrittanyRead more

Frances Hodgkins

If you have a passion for art you will know about Frances. I put her in the same category as Katherine Mansfield. These New Zealand women are two of my most admired people. Individuals, probably reaRead more

Rita Angus

The next woman artist that I admire and who has influenced my work is Rita Angus. Rita Angus, google her, but you probably know who I am talking about. Rita was born in 1908 and was a contemporaryRead more

Frida Kahlo - an inspiration

There are three women artists who I admire immensely - Frida Kahlo, Frances Hodgkins and Rita Angus. They are all so interesting, so I've written a blog on each one. Many of you may know of FridaRead more

Getting the Garden ready for 'Art in the Garden'

We have been busy preparing the garden here for the Rotary Cambridge Garden Festival on Sunday November 24th. The garden is being pulled into shape with the very able help of Robyn at Garden Control.Read more

German Expressionism

I have a penchant for the work of the German Expressionists and they have influenced my style. Expressionism is a style of painting, music or drama in which the artist or writer seeks to express theRead more

A challenging commission and new paintings

I've had a very interesting time in the last few weeks. A challenging private commission I was asked to do an exceptionally interesting commission to do for a client in the South Island.  TheRead more

Two new works (a Black & White and a special commission)

At the Cambridge Autumn Festival Exhibition in March, all the black and white paintings sold. I think this is because many people have a minimalistic theme throughout their home and this particularRead more

My studio is open by appointment

The weekend of March 23rd and 24th gave us wonderful weather and a great weekend in Cambridge, at the open studios of the Cambridge Autumn Festival.  There were over 20 artists displaying theirRead more

Come and talk with me and see my new works and learn more about my inspirations

Come to see me at 19 Queen St, Cambridge on 23 and 24 March. My home studio will be open from 10 am to 4 pm. I will be in my studio to talk to you about my experiences and influences on my painting. Read more

New Year, New Work

I'm looking forward to March 23 and 24 when the Cambridge Autumn Festival is held. I believe 21 arts orientated people will open their home or studio for viewing during the festival and I must put inRead more

From easel to Table

By Viv Posselt - Cambridge News One of Cambridge's best-known artists, Carole Hughes, is now making her bold, colourful work available on placemats and coasters. The sets are smaller versions of herRead more

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