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Africa, Cornwall and the Cambridge Museum

Africa, Cornwall and the Cambridge Museum

I can be very boring… and it’s hard to believe that here we are again and the time has sped past us. So I will be boring … and look at what has happened during that time!

I am preparing for Sunday, November 21 and the Rotary Cambridge Garden Festival.  As I am a sponsor,  I will be having an exhibition here for that day.

You can buy your tickets for the festival on line at www.cgf.nz, they are on sale from Friday 13th August as “early bird tickets .”  (You can also buy them from Amber Garden Centre and Cambridge Jewellers from 9am on that date too).

I will have a special painting to give away in a draw to everyone who comes here and will feature that in my next few blogs.

We will talk more about this as the date gets closer .

I have been enjoying finishing paintings of Cornwall and other people have been enjoying them too.

I also had a special commission for the fundraising charitable evening on August 20th,  to raise money for the education of children in Uganda for the Growth Education Trust.  You can find out more information about it here - https://www.geteducationuganda.org, they are doing great work.

This was a challenge for me, as it is the first time I have painted an ‘Africa’ scene, but they are happy with it. I have put a photo of the painting above this blog, so you can judge, something totally different for me.  I have donated the painting and it will be auctioned, with the proceeds going towards the Trust.

I have become involved with the Cambridge Museum and with them, I am organising the running of one page per month in the Cambridge News profiling historic properties.  It is aptly named “Back Chat” and the next page is on August 12.

I enjoy these pages so much, the Museum staff are amazing and so is the advertising manager at the Cambridge News, Janine Davy. This is where you should advertise and the cooperation between the three of us is pleasant and works well.

I enjoy seeing any of you if you would like to visit and will update my website as soon as I have new work to put in the photos section.



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