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Painting during lockdown & enjoying Cambridge's History

Cambridge Market

Cambridge Market

Painting during lockdown & enjoying Cambridge's History

Katherine Mansfield said, “It is of tremendous importance that we laugh at ourselves.”

For those who know me well will be aware that I am a very big admirer of Mansfield and in these times of lockdown I guess we have to find something to laugh at even if it is ourselves.

Hopefully by the time you read this, those of us who are in the areas south of Auckland, will be getting closer to being back at Level 2.

I have been painting and have attached a couple of paintings I have finished.

One is the Cambridge Market, and the other is in recognition of the St Andrews Anglican Church and its 150th anniversary. I have taken this latter one from photos I have found via the Cambridge Museum, and I have included the Town Hall as well in this work.

Both are from the early 1900’s.

Both these paintings are for sale.

Looking ahead. Cambridge Rotary have their Garden Festival on November 21. If you would like tickets talk to me but also, I have an exhibition on that day so you can kill two birds with one stone!!!

Also, next year, all going well, I am trying to revive the Open Studios at the Cambridge Autumn Festival. If I do then that will be on April 2 and 3 and you can visit me and the eight or nine other artists who will have their homes open.

I have been working with the Cambridge Museum staff and Janine Davy from the Cambridge News in producing a page each month relating to the history of Cambridge. 

Our next one in September is Resthaven and Calverts and in October, the building in Duke Street housing Chris la Pine Physio and Karen May who is a graphic designer. 

Karen May and her team do my designs and brochures, and would recommend her for anything involving websites, print media and as she says “anything that needs a dose of our design juice “.

Some of those paintings featured on my website have been sold and new ones will appear soon.

Well off to get groceries, wear a mask and look forward to a glass of wine tonight!!!!

St Andrews Churvh

St Andrews Churvh


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