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Mugs, Outdoor Art, 19th November exhibition and 'This is Africa'

Italy - hanging on a fence outdoors in Cambridge already

Italy - hanging on a fence outdoors in Cambridge already

November 21st exhibition in conjunction with the Garden Festival

An interesting time for all of us, particularly for those of us in lockdown.

Anyway, I believe in being positive and I am preparing to see you all on November 21st at the Rotary Cambridge Garden Festival, I am fortunate to be having an exhibition on that day at my home .

Let’s be positive, we will be out of lockdown for this and if you live in Auckland, you will be too.

I will have a selection of paintings and cards plus place mats and this year I have a host of mugs with my painting on each one for Christmas gifts.

I have shown an example here and if you wish to click and collect feel free to get them from me at 19 Queen St , Cambridge , phone me first, 021401951, but I am home most of the time as lockdown steadily proceeds! I think these are ideal gifts.

Cost ? $30 each

I also have a photo of a painting which is outside my front door and is painted especially for the outside. They are weather proof and look great, there are two examples her, one is for sale the other is already sold and is on the fence of a home in Cambridge  (the one above).

I have continued to work with the Cambridge Museum and enjoy their company and the work that we do for the page which features in the Cambridge News each month. We will continue with this next year starting in February with The Gaslight building which is now The Gaslight Theatre and with the very colourful history of   Cambridge Repertory.

We have our plan for the next year but always enjoy talking to anyone who has a passion for something historical about Cambridge!

Next year I am hoping to get funding to add a special feature the Cambridge Autumn Festival. This happens in March/April 2022 and if all goes well we will be having A PASSION FOR ART tour, for two days 2 and 3 of April, where we will feature artists, art studios and art collections.  An exploration of art in Cambridge.

So….at the moment think about November 21st, come to visit me , you do not need to be attending the Garden Festival.


Outside painting - for sale

Outside painting - for sale
And this is Africa - for sale, a christmas gift?

And this is Africa - for sale, a christmas gift?


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