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To see a range of my paintings...

To see a range of my paintings, click here to see the gallery

Mugs, Outdoor Art, 19th November exhibition and 'This is Africa'

An interesting time for all of us, particularly for those of us in lockdown. Anyway, I believe in being positive and I am preparing to see you all on November 21st at the Rotary Cambridge GardenRead more

Painting during lockdown & enjoying Cambridge's History

Katherine Mansfield said, “It is of tremendous importance that we laugh at ourselves.” For those who know me well will be aware that I am a very big admirer of Mansfield and in these times ofRead more

Africa, Cornwall and the Cambridge Museum

I can be very boring… and it’s hard to believe that here we are again and the time has sped past us. So I will be boring … and look at what has happened during that time! I am preparing forRead more

Enjoying painting Fowey in Cornwall

Here I am in Wellington for Easter, blustery city, but the city houses two of my daughters, so I have a special  affinity to this city. I had my pop up exhibition a couple of weekends ago - justRead more

A painting to hang outdoors in a garden - a special challenge

Good Morning - I’m looking  forward to this coming year. Getting back to normality anyway after the Christmas break. I saw all of my family, three daughters who are the mainstay of my family andRead more

New paintings and cheese platters

My exhibition with Jo Beckett on Saturday 28th November and Sunday 29th November is getting closer, and I am busy preparing new art with some new themes. I have attached the photos of three of theRead more

Tinakori Road, Oriental Bay and a new exhibition in November

It is always a joy to visit Wellington (not the least because two of my daughters Anna and Jenny live there!), seeing the beautiful old homes that look like they could fall off the side of the hill. Read more

Paintings in the time of Covid

I cannot believe how fast this year has gone - September and Spring already! You will agree (I am sure), that this has been a year like no other, and stress has been at a premium - for differentRead more

Memories of my wonderful travels - and the inspirations for many of my paintings

Time to write a blog - sitting here as you all are - waiting for this lockdown to end and trying to work out what happens next. Disappointed that The Cambridge Autumn Festival was cancelled becauseRead more

What I've been up to and short note on Fauve artists

Here I am again, - it has been a while since I have entered a post – the last few months have gone by so quickly! In November 2019 I took part in the Cambridge Rotary Garden Festival as one of theRead more

Hundertwasser - brilliance

Hopefully you have heard of the fascinating Artist & Architect - Friedrich Hundertwasser. Many of you will know of him because of his high profile in Keri Keri, New Zealand. His art is totallyRead more

Brittany Dogs, Garden Festivals and Art Exhibitions

It is nearly at the close of July and I am in Wellington for my youngest daughters birthday. Today I have a day to myself while my family members are at work and I have as company two BrittanyRead more

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