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Paintings that I currently have available to buy

Portafino - Italy

Small Original Painting

Size: 23cm x 30cm

$200.00 (plus shipping)

On the Italian coast, south of St Margherita, a stunningly beautiful place.

Gorde- South of France

Small Original Painting

Size: 30cm x 30cm

$210.00 (plus shipping)

Frequently visited - the small village of Gorde in the South of France. Easy to get lost in the twisting streets

Acker Bilk 2 Jazz Man

Small Original Painting

Size: 60cm x 46cm

$500.00 (plus shipping)

Jazz master Acker Bilk

After the Harvest

Large Original Painting

Size: 1m x 76cm

$1,700.00 (shipping included)

Close of the Olive Harvest in the South of France

Market Day

Large Original Painting

Size: 1m x 76cm

$1,700.00 (shipping included)

Saturday Market, in a New Zealand small town

This is Hard Work!

Large Original Painting

Size: 93cm x 60cm

$900.00 (plus shipping)

Cyclists everywhere - near the Avantidrome in Cambridge, Hard work for the guy at the back.

House Recital

Large Original Painting

Size: 1.2m x 1.2m

$2,100.00 (Shipping included)

People gather regularly to hear guest artists in a home.

Room with a View

Small Original Painting

Size: 20cm x 20cm

$195.00 (plus shipping)

Classic view from an Italian village.


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