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A painting to hang outdoors in a garden - a special challenge

On the Beach, Lonely Bay, Northland

On the Beach, Lonely Bay, Northland
Chauvigny, France

Chauvigny, France

Commissions and outdoor art

Good Morning - I’m looking  forward to this coming year.

Getting back to normality anyway after the Christmas break. I saw all of my family, three daughters who are the mainstay of my family and am off soon for a week in Wellington where two of my daughters live.

I have been painting and each one I am doing is a challenge.

I am painting a very large painting of a provincial village, on board to hang out side as a feature of a garden for a client.  It is a very hard and lengthy process.  As I write this, I am about 80 percent finished. The size of the painting is also another challenge.  The painting is 2m x 1m, and has to be finished in outdoor paint then covered with multiple layers of protection, so that it will remain weatherproof.

For another client, another commission, I am completing a painting of part of their home village  in France, Chauvigny.  The light in the painting means that it is different to the other paintings of France that I have done, with more oranges than usual.  (I have attached a copy of this for you to see)

BUT. I like a challenge and would sooner be doing something different than many other activities.

My exhibition  (with Jo Beckett, garden artist called 'Just the Two of Us') at the end of November exceeded my expectations and I will probably do this exercise again in November this year to coincide with the Rotary Cambridge Garden Festival (which I will be participating in as a sponsor). 

I am hoping to be in contact again with a few people who asked me to talk to them about commissions during that last exhibition.

In the meantime, keep well, be happy and visit me if you have the urge!

Included here is a photo of a painting you may like, 'On the Beach, Lonely Bay, Northland'


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