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Tinakori Road, Oriental Bay and a new exhibition in November

Tinakori Road, Oriental Bay and a new exhibition in November

It is always a joy to visit Wellington (not the least because two of my daughters Anna and Jenny live there!), seeing the beautiful old homes that look like they could fall off the side of the hill.

The narrow winding streets of Tinakori Road, the Katherine Mansfield House, and the history that the tall skinny houses invoke are great inspirations for my art, I have painted these several times.

Driving around the harbour - on a sunny day, or a gusty day with whitecaps on the waves provides the vista of the homes of Oriental Bay and the boatsheds.  Again, this is another favourite topic that I have painted in the past, the colours and reminders of many family histories gives the paintings a great deal of soul.

I exhibited in the Millwood Gallery for many years, and the art was sold far and wide, including to the Beehive Art Gallery.  I recent received a formal request asking for permission to use that painting in promotions, which I gladly gave.

I would love to paint some of these Wellington images again, if you would like to commission me to do some paintings - and you have a favourite photo that you want represented on the canvas let me know.

My focus is now on the work for my exhibition to be held at 19 Queen Street, Cambridge on Saturday November 28th and Sunday November 29th, in conjunction with Jo Beckett (ceramic artist and garden art creator).

I have attached some photos of paintings that I am preparing and some of the Wellington scenes for you to enjoy.

Call me on 021 401 951 or email me on cazo@xtra.co.nz if you would like to discuss the exhibition, getting me to do a personalised painting for you or these new paintings.


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