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What I've been up to and short note on Fauve artists

What I've been up to and short note on Fauve artists

Here I am again, - it has been a while since I have entered a post – the last few months have gone by so quickly!

In November 2019 I took part in the Cambridge Rotary Garden Festival as one of the ‘art in the garden’ exhibitors.

This was a magnificent success with 950 people coming down my drive and viewing art. I do enjoy sharing my art with people, and talking about my inspirations. Most people were happy, pleasant and enjoying the day (some others weren’t thrilled about the driveway and stairs!)

I had three helpers which was amazing. My daughter Jen came from Wellington especially to help and of course my daughter Carey was part of the Rotary Garden Festival, so it was a sort of family day.  So many people and a very exhausted artist at the close of the day.

Since then I have done a few Commissions which were as a result of that day and now I am preparing for April 4th and 5th, when the Cambridge Autumn Festival will hold its OPEN STUDIOS days.

This event is now is two years old nw and has become more popular each year.

I am about to start painting for this and will produce new work.

AND - everyone who comes here will go in a draw for a free painting. I will place a photo of the painting on here when I have finished it.

I will tell you more about this closer to the time and show you the work that I am doing .

While I was in wellington during the Christmas break I browsed through some art books that Jen has, they were featuring my favourite topics, Fauve Art and German Expressionists.

A brief comment about Fauve Art

This was a period between 1904 and 1908.

Critics and writers of that period perceived the fauves or ‘wild beasts’ which was a name given to these artists by a critic named Louis Vauxcelles.

The artists had a distinctive style and way of painting which was different to the impressionists but following hard on their heels.

Avant Garde were the words applied to this particular group of artists.  I read recently at the Francis Hodgkins exhibition that she was ‘in the shadow of the Fauves’.

This whole period was contained in the use of primary colours , strong reds yellow and really the colours that I use. The Fauves considered themselves a loose band of artists connected more by friendship than anything else.

The group revolved around Henri Matisse, Andre Derain and Valminck. The Fauves travelled to the far flung corners of France and even further abroad to Eastern Europe. It has been hypothesised that they digested impressionism as of Van Gogh and Paul  Gauguin. 

The artists worked along the banks of the Seine, the resorts along the Cote d’Azur and had a huge desire to break new ground.   

The painting at the top of this blog post is 'Play it again Sam'  - I've just finished it - it is 1m * 760cm.


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