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Brittany Dogs, Garden Festivals and Art Exhibitions

Play it Again Babe

Play it Again Babe

Brittany Dogs, Garden Festivals and Art Exhibitions

It is nearly at the close of July and I am in Wellington for my youngest daughters birthday.

Today I have a day to myself while my family members are at work and I have as company two Brittany dogs. 

Really - they are little people...not dogs of course, just humans in dog costumes, white and orange. 

Anyone who knows me well, will know that I had one of these Brittanys for 15 years and it was devastating when I found her her in my studio one morning and she had died in her sleep. These Brittanys are bred by my friends from Serbia and now my youngest daughter and her partner have two of them, both puppies from my friends .

Since I wrote my last blog, I have finished a commission and completed another small painting (which is posted above in this blog).  This painting will be for sale at the Heritage Gallery from the end of July.

The Rotary Cambridge Garden Festival (to be held on Sunday 24th November), is run by a very hard working and immensely enthusiastic team (including my daughter Carey), with the support and involvement of the Rotary Club.

Tickets for this will be on sale soon (August 16th - at Cambridge Jewellers, Amber Garden Centre and online at www.cgf.nz). 

My garden will be featured in the Festival.  The garden is still in being revamped but looks amazing.  I'm looking forward to all the colour - lots of oranges, reds and of course spring cherry blossoms.

As one of the two feature artists at the festival, I will be selling paintings and other items featuring my art on that day.  The painting in this blog post, will be part of that exhibition, if not sold before hand.

My mission today is to finish this blog and sort out the art work for a fold out pamphlet for the Garden Festival and the Autumn Festival next year.

Tell me, what are some of your favourite paintings and give me a clue of what you would like.

I will do a variety of topics and sizes and for this special day I will have a special price as a celebration for the Rotary project. I am looking forward to this and two of my daughters will be helping out on the day.

I will post some photos of my house and garden closer to the time to show you that its worth while visiting (so are my paintings by way)

Sandra Webb from the Heritage Gallery is one of the sponsors of the Rotary Cambridge Garden Festival. She will have a special painting which will be a prize in a draw for all the visitors to the Heritage Gallery on the day - that show her their Garden Festival ticket or wristband.

I totally advise you to visit The Heritage  Gallery in Victoria Road.

Why don't you make a weekend of it if you live away from this region and book a hotel. Kelly Road is a good one I believe and then you can go out and eat, perhaps visit the Hamilton Gardens and visit the fashion shops.

Cambridge is amazingly picturesque and a lovely town. I'm just glad that I live in it.

Finally -  on September 8th, I will have two paintings in the Cambridge Community Art Councils ART ATTACK event.  This is on for two days - Saturday and Sunday. The event opens on the Friday Evening  and I will go to the opening. If I don't recognise you come to talk to me, I would love that !!!

By the way - I am selling out of my coffee table art books - only one left - phone me on 021 401 951 - $95 for 22 glossy pages of my art over the years.


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