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Rita Angus

Rita Angus - portrait

Rita Angus - portrait

Three wonderful women artists - Rita Angus

The next woman artist that I admire and who has influenced my work is Rita Angus.

Rita Angus, google her, but you probably know who I am talking about. Rita was born in 1908 and was a contemporary of Toss Wollaston and Colin McCahon.

Rita was a very confident artist who always thought that her paintings would one day be appreciated. At the time that she was painting and exhibiting in the early 1930's there was little support in New Zealand for artists and she could never have earned a living from selling her work.

Today she is sought after, her prints sell well and her art is in many connoisseurs collections. She has made a huge mark in New Zealand's art history.

She used colour freely and without inhibition, which resonates with me. I like the fact that she didn't appear to care about conformity. Her passion to paint, I think, was like breathing to her. 

I would like to think, and I hope I am right, that she didn't seek fame, or paint to please people. She was fortunate to be a natural artist who had an immense talent that only a few artists can achieve.

I know at some stage of her life she lived in Wellington and I could go on and on about her but I have a book here on here if you want a loan of it.


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