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Frida Kahlo - an inspiration

Frida Kahlo - Self Portrait

Frida Kahlo - Self Portrait

Three wonderful women artists - instalment one - Frida Kahlo

There are three women artists who I admire immensely - Frida Kahlo, Frances Hodgkins and Rita Angus. They are all so interesting, so I've written a blog on each one.

Many of you may know of Frida Kahlo.  She is a dramatic and very charismatic woman from Mexico.  Her life was a dramatic piece of art in itself.  Today (as I write this) is the 75th anniversary of Frida's first  solo exhibition in New York.  This exhibition really introduced her extraordinary talent to the world.

Back in Mexico - her country was slow to accept her art and in some sections of the Mexican society, I believe she is still reluctantly recognised. 

On the anniversary of her first solo exhibition, the people of Coyoacan where she was born, put on their best Frida Kahlo costume to celebrate her life. I would absolutely love to be taking part in this as she wore vivid dresses and jewellery and a head band (which was large and really over the top).

Please google her, she is fascinating, her life was dramatically disastrous but she survived ill health and a traumatic accident and still managed to produce these amazing paintings. She married Diego Rivera  affairs were abundant. Rivera possibly outdid her with affairs  and he was also an artist  who I would give anything to view

An exhibition of theirs is now on in Paris!!!!!!Beam up Scotty!

Diego Rivera - Dance in Tehuantepec
Diego Rivera - Dance in Tehuantepec


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